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  •  Please email me a high resolution, head & shoulders photo of the person/people/pet that you'd like a  caricature of.  Ideally, if you have several photos you could send, that would be even better! Smiley photos are perfect for caricatures, but please don't send in photos with people wearing sunglasses, hats that cover a lot of the face and poorly lit photos.

  • Please provide details of the style of clothing that they should be wearing. If you would like a full detail caricature then I just need details of any hobbies or interests you may like to be included with the caricature, and it would also be helpful if you could confirm the person's eye colour.

  • Once you've had confirmation from me that I have everything I need to work from, you can then place your order by making payment - Select the 'Prices' button on the menu and choose the caricature option you'd like to commission.

  • As soon as your caricature is drawn, the digital image is emailed out for approval, before being printed onto high quality watercolour paper and posted out to you.


  • A caricature is usually ready within 2 to 4 weeks but it can be ready sooner if you have a very short time frame.


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